About Us

AWC is based in Toronto, ON Canada. Founded in 2019, Armwrestling Canada is a fast growing professional armwrestling league and is being recognized around the world. Armwrestling Canada holds events at every level to encourage new athletes to the sports, including men, women, youth and athletes with disabilities.

AWC Fight Night features intense pre-arranged armwrestling matches. Athletes come from all over the world to compete against our top Canadian armwrestlers. Every armwrestler comes from a different background to combine strength, strategy and technique as they battle for the AWC championship title.

A few words from our President/CEO

Bringing athletes together to allow them to test their power, giving them an equal opportunity to participate in tournaments, pre-arranged fights with athletes from around the world, giving them well deserved exposure, seeing, and helping them grow is a great satisfaction and very fulfilling feeling. I love the sport and I love entertaining, and I’m having a lot of fun organizing events at this caliber.

The armwrestling community became a family to me. With their support, I stive for continuous improvement and growth in this sport.

To become the best, consistency & discipline = success!

Upcoming Events

Armwrestling Canada will bring to you a lot of high level, awesome events from Ontario to Alberta to the second Edition of Fight Night on August 12! Come and be a part of it!

Get our Merch & Equipment

From T-Shirts and Hoodies that make you look and feel great as an armwrestler to training equipment that will speed up your progress and take you to the next level, we have them all!